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Platform Stairlifts

Platformlift Stairlifts Wheelchair lift Handicapped lift

Platform stairlifts for installation in the most confined staircases

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Chair Stairlifts

Stairlift stairlifts elderly lifts

Elegant chair design with a space saving and stable rail technology

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Vertical Platformlifts

Vertical platformlift wheelchairlift

Different types of lifts allow for the perfect solution in each installation situation

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Lehner Lifttechnik - Your partner in accessibility solutions

Since 25 years Lehner Lifttechnik GmbH has been developing innovative solutions to help wheelchair drivers and people with reduced mobility overcome architectural barriers. With more than 15.000 lifts installed in over 50 countries we provide accessibility and customer satisfaction for private users and public institutions worldwide.

Please have a look at our comprehensive product portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us for any query.

Liftboy 5 - The new vertical lifting platform

Vertical platform lift wheelchair lift

The Liftboy 5 is a unique vertical platform lifts with a lifting height of 1300mm. This double scissor lifting table is driven by 2 electric actuators and achieves a collapsed height of only 120mm.

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First platform stairlift installation in Mongolia

Lehner Lifttechnik installed the first platform stairlift in Mongolia together with our local partner company Rehtus. Please check the very nicely done installation video by Rehtus on the following link:
Installation video Ulaanbaatar

Mobile platform stairlift PUBLIC

Mobile platform stairlift stairclimber wheelchair lift

The stairclimber type Public is the only mobile wheelchair stairlifts worldwide.

This stairclimber carries all types of manual and electric wheelchairs on stairs up to 35°. It can be used on different staircases and can easily be transported between locations or stored away. It can safely be used on indoor or outdoor staircase alike.

Especially for public buildings such as schools, museums, universities, etc, this stairclimber offers an economic alternative to a conventional platform stairlift installation.

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