Stairmax Autonomous stairclimber


  • Mobile stairlift to use without the need for an assisting person
  • Useable indoors and outdoors staircases
  • Cheap solution to conventional wheelchair stairlifts

The Stairmax is the only stairclimber worldwide that allows active wheelchair drivers to go up and down stairs without the need for an assisting person. It is used totally autonomously and helps the wheelchair user to regain independence.

This mobile wheelchair stairlift can turn on intermediate landings having a minimum width of 1 m.

The Stairmax is a affordable solution to a conventional platform stairlift and accomodates stairs indoors and out. It is a robust and compact lift that can be transported easily between different staircase locations.

The user's wheelchair needs a small adapation to the frame of the wheelchair. This adaptation is simply carried out by Lehner Lifttechnik GmbH.

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