Stratos - the perfect lift for curved staircases

  • Stable and safe

    The 50mm tube and solid carriage allows for a safe and stable run

  • Clean handrail

    The upper tube is clean and serves as a comfortable handrail

  • Efficient

    Check out our installation video to understand the ease of installation

Wheelchair stairlifts Lehner

The Stratos platform lift for curved stairs is an elegant, reliable and easy to install stairlift. The compact design allows the unit to be installed in most staircases and results in a minimal obstruction for passers-by. Each platformlift perfectly blends into its surrounding thanks to the choice of different colours and materials for rails and the platform.

The upper rail tube is clean, smooth and completely closed. It can therefore serve perfectly as a handrail. This feature, combined with the option of large platform sizes, make the Stratos the preferred platform stairlift for commercial application in public buildings.

  • Compact design for installations on most staircases
  • Robust lift for outdoor installation
  • Available in any RAL colour or from from stainless steel
  • Display for programming of functions and status output
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Upper rail to be used as handrail

CE & TÜV certified based on the latest European Regulations

Installation examples

Stratos platform stairlift
Stratos platform stairlift
Stratos platform stairlift
Stratos platform stairlift
Stratos platform stairlift
Stratos platform stairlift

Technical specification

Loading capacity:
225 kg (optional 300 kg)

Max. platform sizes:
Width: 900 mm
Length: 1300 mm

0.06 - 0.1 m/s

0 - 47°

Noise level:
Under 60 dB

Power supply:
1 x 230 V / 50-60 Hz

Surface treatment:
Powder coated RAL 9007 or 7035 (standard)
All RAL colours optional
Stainless steel optional

Folding seat

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The purchase of a platform stairlift can be a hugely beneficial investment. For your satisfaction it is important to clarify all questions and find the best solution possible for each situation. Here we try to give answers to many of the questions arising when deciding to purchase a platform stairlift.

How much does a platform stairlift cost?
As each staircase is different the cost for a platform stairlift can only be defined exactly when we know about the staircase form. Therefore it is important to receive a video or photos of it. General considerations are:

  • Is the installation indoor or outdoor?
  • Is the staircase straight or curved? How many curves are needed?
  • What is the length of the staircase. How many floors need to be served?
  • Can the rail be fixed directly onto the wall or on free standing posts?

As a general rule it can be said that the prices for a platform stairlift including delivery and installation start at about € 9.000,-- for a simple straight staircase.

Do you offer free quotations?
Yes, we provide free, no obligation quotations as part of our service. In order to provide you with an accurate quotation, please provide us with information about your staircase. It is enough to send photos, video or a sketch of the staircase.

Can your platform stairlifts transport electric wheelchairs?
Yes! Lehner Lifttechnik`s platform lifts generally have a loading capacity of up to 300kg and a maximal platform size of 900x1250mm. Therefore our lifts can definitely transport all types of electrical wheelchairs.

What is the delivery time for a stairlift?
As this is a custom made product the production time again depends on the complexity of the lift. Generally straight lifts can be finished within 2 weeks while curved lifts can take about 5 weeks to produce.

How much time does the installation of the Stratos stairlift require?

  • Straight stairlift: 1 days
  • Curved stairlifts: 1-2 days (dependingon the number of floors)

Can the rail be made in different colours?
With our powder spraying plant we can paint the rail in each colour. Optional we can also finish the rails with natural aluminium or a shiny high quality stainless steel surface!

Can people without a wheelchair also use the lift?
Everyone can be transported with our stairlifts. For people without a wheelchair a folding chair can be provided for this purpose. Therefore a platform stairlift is the better alternative to a conventional chair stairlift. The lift can be used for transporting groceries or baggages along with the passenger!

As people live longer lives each day, more and more people become bound to a wheelchair in the late stages of their lives. Therefore, once a stairlift becomes necessary, you should consider getting a platform lift already instead of making 2 considerable investments over time.

How is a platform stairlift functioning?
Stairlifts are usually operated via on-board batteries that power a 24V DC motor. Batteries are charged in each landing station automatically.

What is the life span of a platform stairlift?
Depending on the use and maintenance intervals, an average lifespan of a lift can be considered as 25 years.

How is the lift controlled?
The platform is equipped with up and down buttons as well as an emergency stop and alarm button. For each landing station a wireless control station is provided (these are either wall mounted or handheld) to call and send the lift from the landings.

Are your platform stairlifts suitable for outdoor installation?
All of our lifts are installed outdoors without any trouble. For outdoor stairlifts we zinc coated the metal parts, provide parts in stainless steel or aluminium and deliver a special cover to protect the platform from heavy weather when parked in periods of no usage.

What happens in the event of a power failure?
Thanks to the integrated batteries the lift can do multiple runs in the event of a power failure!

How many years warranty is is offered for a stairlift?
Lehner Lifttechnik offers 2 years warrantly as a standard for each of our products.

Why should I choose Lehner Lifttechnik as a preferred supplier?
Lehner Lifttechnik is a dedicated family run business with over 30 years of experience in the lift industry. We are a certificated supplier offering a complete range of stairlifts as well as domestic and commercial platform lifts to our customers worldwide. We pride ourselves in designing safe and user-friendly products, which are CE marked and certified to the relevant European standards EN 81-40 and EN 81-41.

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  • User video

  • Installation video

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