Liftboy mobile hasta 1m

El Liftboy 3 ha sido adaptado para asegurar una fácil maniobrabilidad con una fuente de alimentación independiente. El producto es adecuado para los andenes de tren, así como para los escenarios de eventos.

New airplane passenger stairlift

- DELTA platform stairlift adapted for aircraft boarding of people with reduced mobility.

- For all TIPS telescopic passenger stairs.

- Travels along the staircase regardless of the degree of telescopic staircase extension or the tilt, which is a worldwide innovation.

- Modular design of the lifter, stored on the passengerstair itself; quickly assembled and ready for operation.

- Smooth and stepless travelling of the lift, as well asslowing down when approaching disembarkation position.

- Sensors for detection of obstacles on the stairway provide immediate lift stop.

- Operated by only one operator with a special console, which allows the operator to walk behind the lift dueto additional safety for the passenger

View product page and video here: Link

Interlift 2019 Augsburg

As each 2 years we participate in the biggest European Elevator exhibition, the Interlift show in Augsburg, between October 16 and 18.

This year we will present news on our vertical lift developments as well as new options on the stairlift Alpha such as hinge rail and outdoor version!

For tickets and appointments please contact us per email and let us know which date you would like to attend:

Please visit us and meet the Lehner team. We are looking forward to meet you there in person.

Liftboy 3 - nueva plataforma verticale hasta 970mm

Liftboy 3 - nueva plataforma verticale hasta 970mm

A partir de 2019 estará disponible el nuevo Liftboy 3. Con las mismas dimensiones que el Liftboy 2, el Liftboy 3 tiene una altura de elevación mejorada de 970 mm.

Esto es posible gracias a un motor más potente y un control electronico mejor y una mecánica de elevación diferente.

Además, esta variante permite el uso de abridores automáticos de puertas y controles remotos de radio.

El folleto actualizado está disponible para descargar aquí: Liftboy 1-2-3

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